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Sometimes you do not even know there is an issue until someone raises a question.  Special thanks to Ryan Gesell from Cline Agency and to the managers that asked Ryan if Civil Code §§ 1102.6f and 1102.19, as added by AB-38 (2019), apply to homeowners’ associations; teaser alert:  they do!

We reviewed Civil Code §§ 1102.6f and 1102.19, Government Code § 51182 which relates to the aforementioned Civil Code sections, and all related material from the Office of the State Fire Marshal who is responsible for this fire prevention program. Civil Code §§ 1102.6f and 1102.19 and Government Code § 51182 do not contain limitations or exclusions as they relate to condominiums or lots; therefore, it appears that these laws apply to both condominiums and lots/planned developments.  Uggg!

Seller Disclosure Requirements

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