Please Call Today to Support AB 1360 and Electronic Voting


CAI’s California Legislative Action Committee sent out an alert requesting that we all place as many calls as we can today (Tuesday April 30, 2013, before 5:30 PM) to the California Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee Members referenced below to leave a message urging them to vote YES on AB 1360. We previously posted an article about this legislation that will allow electronic voting by members of California Community Associations. Follow this link to read the text of AB 1360.

While this legislation will not make electronic voting mandatory and will require that owners “opt – in” to vote electronically (because the legislature believes that some owners may not have access to a computer to vote electronically), it is important that we support this legislation, as it will undoubtedly encourage owners to vote. At least this is the hope.

Your support is appreciated. Please remember that you need to call today, April 30th before 5:30 PM and leave a message. Here is a suggested message:

“Hello, I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask the Assembly Member to vote YES on AB 1360 in the Housing Committee tomorrow. The bill is authored by Norma Torres. The bill provides optional and secure ‘opt-in’ electronic voting to homeowner association members. The bill also preserves the secrecy of the ballot and ensures accurate vote tabulation. Further, electronic voting encourages voter participation, and it will save our nonprofit association members money if we don’t need to print and mail election materials. Thank you for relaying my message today.”

Atkins, Toni (San Diego) 916.319.2078 Brown, Cheryl (San Bernardino) 916.319.2047 Chau, Ed (L.A., Monterey Park, Alhambra) 916.319.2049 Gaines, Beth (El Dorado, Rocklyn, Sacramento) 916.319.2006 Maienschein, Brian (San Diego) 916.319.2077

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