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Great news. AB 1360 (Torres) – the HOA Electronic Balloting bill – passed through the Assembly Housing Committee with a 7-0 vote thanks to the phone calls you made in response to CAI-CLAC’s call-to-action. As reported by CLAC, this bill is now headed to the Assembly floor! And then over to the Senate. We will keep you updated as more calls may be necessary.

AB 1360 is a bill to make electronic balloting an option for common interest developments (CIDs). It was introduced into the California Assembly, authored by Assemblymember Norma Torres and sponsored by the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC).

CLAC’s website states that current law requires community associations to follow a double-envelope process for elections. AB 1360 would permit the use of electronic voting, adding an additional option to election procedures, reducing costs for community associations, and helping to increase voter participation.

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