Stop Your Complaining//Nitpicking in Paradise?

Click here to read an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about complaining entitled “From Attitude to Gratitude.” We all do it. And we know that homeowners at community associations like to complain a lot. They complain about management. They complain about the board. Heck, sometimes they even complain about the association’s legal counsel. They complain about the landscaping, the paint color, the temperature of the pool and the list goes on (and on and on). The attached article talks about owners complaining as “nitpicking in paradise.”

Many of us complain we have so many calls or e-mails to deal with; we complain because there is so much work to do. Some board members complain about the homeowners, about all the delinquencies, about the high cost of insurance, etc., and the list goes on.

How about this: instead of complaining, why not say (or feel) how grateful we are for what we have. If you are employed, stop complaining because 10% of Californians are out of work. If you still have some money in the bank or invested in stocks, stop complaining because some people invested their money in Ponzi schemes.

We all need to stop complaining and look at the bright side of things. Please read the article attached – it’s humbling.

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