HOA Members Reveal Their Biggest Fears (Regarding Unpaid Assessments)

This economic downturn and the significant increase in the number of delinquent homeowners are impacting all community associations. To be sure, some are facing more delinquencies than others. But even the most affluent communities have homeowners that bought their homes at the height of the market with adjustable rate loans that they now cannot refinance, and they are losing their properties. They are also not paying their assessments.

The website HOALeader.com (created to provide support and information to board members and other HOA leaders) recently conducted a survey of HOA leaders on how they were dealing with the problem. Comments from HOA leaders regarding their fears and feelings of helplessness on how this is impacting their communities is interesting; they show that owners are concerned as to how their neighbors’ foreclosures are going to impact the amount of assessments they pay. Follow this link to read the article.

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