Renting Storage Space to Owners

By Joan E. Lewis-Heard, Esq., Attorney, SwedelsonGottlieb
Edited by David C. Swedelson, Esq.

Many California condominium associations have common area storage lockers, rooms or areas that are made available to the owners. Sometimes, the storage area is assigned in a deed as exclusive use common area. More often than not, these areas are not assigned, and the board has the ability to assign and rent them to owners. And boards and the association’s management often have no idea of the issues that storage areas can create until they are smack dab in the middle of a dispute with an owner.

There are many commercial self-service storage facilities that serve the general public; one of the more popular ones is called “Public Storage”. Although homeowner associations that rent storage spaces to their owners generally do so on a much smaller scale, when an association does rent out these areas to owners, it is considered to be a “self-service storage facility” as defined under the California Self-Service Storage Facility Act.

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