Email communications from SwedelsonGottlieb contain information that (a) may be confidential, legally privileged, proprietary in nature, or otherwise protected by law from disclosure, and (b) is intended to be read and/or only for the use of the addressee(s) named in the email. If you are not the addressee of this email, or if the email was sent to you in error, you are hereby notified that reading, copying or distributing the email is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please so notify us in a reply to this email. Thank you.

SwedelsonGottlieb accepts and encourages appropriate communication via email from its clients, judges and court staff, attorneys, and law firms involved in legal matters in which SwedelsonGottlieb is also involved, and vendors with which SwedelsonGottlieb has an existing business relationship.

SwedelsonGottlieb does not accept unsolicited emails, including any email seeking to sell or advertise goods or services, nor does SwedelsonGottlieb accept emails containing links, photographs (other than as attachments), profane or obscene language, or prurient content.

Although SwedelsonGottlieb attorneys and staff make every effort to read all emails as they are received, and to provide prompt replies and responses when the same are warranted, the specific addressee of an email may be absent from his or her office, or otherwise unable to access his or her email account at the time an email is received. Accordingly, the sender of an email to SwedelsonGottlieb should not assume that the specific addressee of that email has received and read that email, unless and until so advised by that addressee, and matters that require immediate attention should not be communicated via email.

In the absence of an executed written agreement or Court order to the contrary, SwedelsonGottlieb, does not accept via email any (1) ex parte notice, (2) service of process, or (3) delivery of any pleadings, discovery requests or responses, or other legal documents.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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