Hooray, AB 2502 Is Dead; But What About The Waiver and Partial Payment Issues, and Why Did CLAC Support This Bill?

As we reported in April, Assemblymember Julia Brownley had proposed AB 2502, which would have made assessment collection in California even more difficult than it already is. We have great news. Because of all of the opposition she received (your letters and emails were acknowledged) and because some of those that backed the bill withdrew their support when Brownley amended parts of the bill, Brownley likely realized that compromise was impossible, the bill never made it out of committee and it did not advance to the floor for a vote. This legislation would have imposed new and unwarranted restrictions on the assessment collection process for California community associations.

Brownley had agreed and did amend the bill to eliminate the requirement that associations wait until the delinquent owner owed $3,600 or was 18 months delinquent before foreclosing. But she had left in the proposed prohibition on a waiver of the provisions of Civil Code Section 1367.1 relating to the allocation of payments, as well as the proposed prohibition on not accepting partial payments, and we learned that these issues were not only misunderstood by the legislator, but by others in the community association industry as well.

And why did the Community Association Institute’s California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC), which had originally opposed the bill, then decide to support this flawed legislation?

To learn more about why the waiver and partial payment prohibition are important to California community associations, download our full article.

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