Accidental Voicemail Spills the Beans–Be Careful Out There

We have all heard stories about accidental e-mails. How about accidental voice mails? I guess it can happen. The Los Angeles Daily Journal reported that a lawsuit is moving forward based on a voicemail that was accidentally left on an attorney’s system. The article states: “The three men thought they had hung up after leaving a message for one of Jasmine’s in-house lawyers, but the voicemail continued to record as they openly discussed the theft of trade secrets on speakerphone. Marvell fought all the way to the California Supreme Court to get the voicemail erased based on attorney-client privilege, but the court punted the case back to the 6th District, allowing to stand its ruling that the lawyers waived the privilege by discussing possible fraud.”

If you are discussing confidential matters, it is best to make sure that you keep it confidential. Be careful out there.
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