To Foreclose or Not to Foreclose; That Seems To Be The Question

To foreclose or not foreclose, that seems to be the question that many association board members and managers are asking themselves these days. There is no question that the sub-prime meltdown/crisis has increased the number of delinquent homeowners. Data Quick Information Services reports that in the first three months of 2008, 47,171 homes were lost to foreclosure, more than four times as many as a year earlier. In that same period, 110,000 California homeowners received default notices which is a 143% increase from the same period in 2007. Data Quick estimates that only 32% of the properties in default will avoid foreclosure, which is down from 52% a year ago. It is therefore no surprise that Association Lien Services has seen a steep rise in the number of delinquent matters that are being turned over for collection. With the potential lack of equity and the fact that these delinquent homeowners may not have any assets to collect on, making the decision as to how to proceed to collect and whether or not to foreclose are questions that many associations are having to face. Attorney David Swedelson has written an article that will help board members and managers answer these questions. Download a PDF copy of the article To Foreclose or Not Foreclose.

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