Veto AB 2598 (Steinberg)

This is a sample letter that you can use as a template for your own letter to the Governor Schwarzenegger letting him know that this legislation protects delinquent owners at the expense of those owners who timely pay their assessments.

Re: Veto AB 2598 (Steinberg)

To: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: 916-445-2841 Fax: 916-445-4633
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RE: Veto AB 2598 (Steinberg)

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Paragraph 1
In the first paragraph, introduce yourself to the Governor.
Please include:

1. Your name and whether you are a senior, a homeowner residing in a community association, a manager, or a professional or service provider who works with community associations, or are on a fixed income.

2. State where you live and how many homeowners reside in the community association you live in or manage.

Sample Paragraph 1
My name is Jane Doe and I am a resident of Camelot Homeowners Association (HOA) that is located in Sacramento. 625 residents live in the HOA, which is made of up 300 units.

Paragraph 2
In the second paragraph, tell the Governor why you are writing.

Please include:

1. Ask the governor to veto AB2598.

2. Tell the governor why you want him to veto the legislation. Please use the following message points and put them in your own words:

(Insert Message Points from this list):

• I can’t afford to nor is it fair that I carry the financial obligations of other owners who do not timely pay their association assessments.

• Responsible owners will be punished with higher assessments (dues).

• We already have the nation’s best owner protection laws when someone can’t pay their assessments.

• The bills will increase litigation and attorneys’ fees, clog the courts and cost the associations and their members more money.

• California needs less regulation of, and intrusion into, private contracts (CC&Rs)

Sample Paragraph 2
I am writing to ask that you veto this bill. Since some homeowners in my HOA will not pay the assessments (dues) they contractually agreed to pay when they bought their home, if this bill becomes law, the board of the HOA will have to increase my assessments and the dues of the other homeowners who take our obligations seriously. [(If applicable): As a senior citizen living on a fixed-income, I cannot afford to have my dues increase.]

Paragraph 3
In the last paragraph, thank the Governor for considering your request.

Sample Paragraph 3
Thank you very much for considering my request. Your veto will help to ensure that every homeowner in my association continues to follow through on their obligation to pay assessments and that the assessments of every homeowner will not increase.

Very Truly Yours,

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