Please Act Today to Support AB 1360 and Electronic Voting

Assembly Bill 1360, which provides optional (opt-in) electronic voting in HOAs, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 24th. We are asking you to contact the California State Senators referenced below with a message urging them to vote YES on AB 1360. We previously posted an article about this legislation that will allow electronic voting by members of California community associations. Follow this link to read the bill as currently amended.

While this legislation will not make electronic voting mandatory and will require that owners “opt-in” to vote electronically (because some owners may not have access to a computer to vote electronically), it is important that we support this legislation, as it will undoubtedly encourage owners to vote and may result in a smoother, less expensive voting process for California associations. At least this is the hope.

Your support is appreciated. Here is a suggested message:

“Hello, my name is ____ and I am calling to ask the Senator to vote YES on AB 1360 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. [Be sure to note whether you are a constituent.] The bill provides optional and secure “opt-in” electronic voting to homeowner association members. The bill also preserves the secrecy of the ballot and ensures accurate vote tabulation. Further, electronic voting encourages voter participation, and it will save our nonprofit association members money if we don’t need to print and mail election materials. Thank you for relaying my message today.”

Not sure who represents you in the state legislature? Find them here. If you are a constituent, you may be able to send them an email message by clicking on their name below and contacting them through their website.

Senator District Phone Fax
Anderson, Joel 36 916 651 4036 916 651 4936
Corbett, Ellen 10 916 651 4010 916 651 4910
Jackson, Hannah-Beth 19 916 651 4019 916 651 4919
Lara, Ricardo 33 916 651 4033 916 651 4933
Leno, Mark 11 916 651 4011 916 651 4911
Monning, William 17 916 651 4017 916 651 4917
Vidak, Andy 16 916 651 4016 916 651 4916
Contact Information