Many HOA Owners Could Learn From Robin Williams and the No Asshole Rule

By David Swedelson, Senior Partner, SwedelsonGottlieb, Community Association Attorneys

robin_williams_net_worth_-_Google_Search.pngRobin Williams is dead. We lost a great talent, a very funny man. As one commentator wrote, the world is a lot less funny today.

I read an interesting article about Robin Williams and the No Asshole Rule. Not surprising, it is reported that Robin Williams was NOT an asshole. Apparently he treated others with warmth and respect. If only homeowners at community associations followed the No Asshole Rule. Just saying…

Robin Williams, rest in peace. You will continue to make us laugh with all the movies and other entertainment that you have left behind.

David Swedelson is a fan of Robin Williams. He is also a condo lawyer and HOA attorney and has had to deal with many owners who do not follow the No Asshole Rule. David can be contacted by others who follow the Rule via email:

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