HOAs and the Christmas Conundrum – What Can Association’s Say and/or Display During the Holidays?

Property_Manager_Paul_and_the_Christmas_Conundrum_-_YouTube-300x233 With the holidays upon us, many associations have spruced up their common areas with decorations. This can be a conundrum for many board members and managers (and attorneys as well). Do you know where to draw the line between religious and secular symbols. You likely know not to put up a nativity scene, but you may wonder if it would be ok to put up images of Santa Claus with signs that say, “Merry Christmas.” Can the association have a Christmas tree in the clubhouse? What about decorations for Hanukah? Kwanza? To learn how and what you can do with holiday decorations for the association without facing a fair housing complaint, follow this link to watch a short video from the Publishers of Fair Housing Coach.

Happy Holidays from all of us at SwedelsonGottlieb.

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