Complaints From Annoyed Neighbors? Loud Sex, Smoke & Noise!

You-are-so-annoying.jpgBlog Post by David Swedelson, Partner SwedelsonGottlieb
As community association attorneys, we are often called upon to deal with neighbor to neighbor complaints and disputes. Well, often is probably an understatement. How about daily? These complaints generally deal with smoke from cigarettes and more lately from (medical) marijuana, hard surface floor noise, owners that fail to pick up after their pets, loud stereos and TVs, and sometimes complaints regarding loud sex. At most condos and HOAs, residents expect their association to be their intermediary. And sometimes we do receive copies of some interesting notes that had been passed on to the offending owner or resident, and sometimes they are quite comical.

A manager of condominium associations referred me to a series of photos posted by the Huffington Post with the title “Most WTF Notes From Annoyed Owners” consisting of 31 photographs of notes from neighbors “reminding their fellow man to stop having sex so loudly, pick up their dog’s waste and other assorted annoyances.” The photos of notes gave me quite a chuckle, especially this one, and I thought I would share them with readers of our blog. Note that these photos include some NSFW (not safe for work) language that some might find offensive. Follow this link to see all the photos.

Have any neighbor to neighbor notes you want to share?

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