Civil Code § 5570 – Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Form

(a) The disclosures required by this article with regard to an association or a property shall be summarized on the following form:
Reserve Form
(b) For the purposes of preparing a summary pursuant to this section:
(1) “Estimated remaining useful life” means the time reasonably calculated to remain before a major component will require replacement.
(2) “Major component” has the meaning used in Section 5550. Components with an estimated remaining useful life of more than 30 years may be included in a study as a capital asset or disregarded from the reserve calculation, so long as the decision is revealed in the reserve study report and reported in the Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary.
(3) The form set out in subdivision (a) shall accompany each annual budget report or summary thereof that is delivered pursuant to Section 5300. The form may be supplemented or modified to clarify the information delivered, so long as the minimum information set out in subdivision (a) is provided.
(4) For the purpose of the report and summary, the amount of reserves needed to be accumulated for a component at a given time shall be computed as the current cost of replacement or repair multiplied by the number of years the component has been in service divided by the useful life of the component. This shall not be construed to require the board to fund reserves in accordance with this calculation.

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