Building Inspector Jailed for Taking Bribes

Blog post from David C. Swedelson, Condo Lawyer, HOA Attorney and Senior partner SwedelsonGottlieb

We are often asked how a building contractor’s poor workmanship was approved by the City’s inspector from the Department of Building and Safety. Now we know one reason; some inspectors are taking bribes to look the other way or not even inspect.

The LA Times reports that Raoul Germain, a City of Los Angeles building inspector, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to taking bribes. Germain was caught as part of an FBI sting operation in which he approved work in exchange for thousands of dollars in bribes. The Times notes that that in some cases, Germain never visited the construction sites.

In addition to Germain, another city inspector has pleaded guilty to taking bribes, and two more employees of the Department of Building and Safety have been fired in connection with the investigation.

To read the LA Times article, click here.

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